Best Time to Come for your Seafood..Information Below



After  2 pm or after 4 pm on either Wednesday or Thursday (Xmas eve) are the better times to come … Our One hectare warehouse facility and fleet of 8 trucks deliver throughout each day to all 3 stores, in fact each store has their last delivery at 5.30 pm on Xmas eve so this is why we can never run out of Wild Caught Queensland Prawns … We pride ourselves in the fact that after 30 years we have NEVER run out of Aussie Prawns and you can come to any store 5 minutes before we close and have a selection of our Aussie Prawns available … Each store has over 30 people serving and the Queue is very fast moving …. There is no need to come at the start of the day in fear of missing out unless that time suits you … Again regardless of what you may hear in the Media, there is no shortage of Wild Caught Australian Prawns at Aussie Seafood Houses … Have a Merry Christmas with all you family and friends … Thank you as always for you support over the years and especially throughout 2020 …