Orders for Xmas are Not Needed ….Tap for all the Information



We Simply cannot store the volume of seafood required on the day in any of the stores … That is why we have a One hectare warehouse and a fleet off 8 trucks to constantly deliver more of everything to our 3 stores throughout the day, with our last delivery 30 minutes before we close so no one misses out … With more fresh unloads at the Warehouse and our huge cold storage facility we guarantee you that we cannot run out of Aussie Wild Caught Prawns and Bugs … We also know that if orders were taken EVERYONE would order and the Queue would be twice as long, as the whole process would take twice as long finding all the parts of each order …. We have 40  years experience (and thats 40 Xmas Eve’s) in the Industry … Each Store has over 30 people serving and you will have a full selection when inside …. We have Door staff who control the flow of customers so its a well organized day …. Marquees are setup to provide cover and sun protection along with seafood sampling throughout the day……We wish all of our customers a Wonderful Xmas and Magic New Year and thank you for your Patronage ….