Aussie Prawn Catches this Christmas All the Information Below


At Aussie Seafood Houses, Prawn Supplies are great ……  All 3 Aussie Seafood Houses, Capalaba, Durack and Strathpine, have Tons and Tons and Tons of  WILD Caught Queensland Prawns……Thousands of Fresh Moreton, Tassie, Coramandel Bay, Sydney Rocks and Coffin Bay Oysters……. Simply Superb Extra Large Moreton Bay Bugs already cut in half or left  whole, Fresh Lobsters half’s or whole……..Specialty Smoked Salmon Lines from Huon of Tasmania and Our own specialty lines, along with almost everything you have enjoyed at Aussie Seafood Houses throughout the Years……The only two products that are short this year are Sand Crabs and Mud Crabs ….As always we constantly unloading seafood throughout the day and our fleet of  8 trucks keep delivering to our stores throughout the day and again 30 minutes before we close so there is no chance of missing out………We are Wishing all of our customers the Best for Christmas and a Brilliant New Year…..Thankyou for your Patronage.